Operational Services

The “Operational Services” department offers three categories of service related to IT infrastructures:

Infrastructure solutions: HERTFORDSHIRE ENTERPRISES manages the outsourced support and/or IT infrastructure of our customers.

Workplace management: By managing their work environment, HERTFORDSHIRE ENTERPRISES allows organisations to focus on their core business. HERTFORDSHIRE ENTERPRISES solutions lower the costs and increase the productivity of employees by offering them a stable, secured, mobile and reliable work environment.

Cloud services: HERTFORDSHIRE ENTERPRISES will assist the client in moving to the cloud by ensuring a successful migration: assessment, virtualisation, consolidation, connectivity, security, support and management of your contract with a cloud services provider. As a Single Point of Contact at all steps of the process, HERTFORDSHIRE ENTERPRISES establishes with the client the best strategy for hosting your file servers, setting up (part of) a DRP, up to fully outsourcing your complete IT environment.

Drone Autopilot Controller Cards

HERTFORDSHIRE ENTERPRISES produces and commercializes distributed micro-processor based motor controllers for use in drone systems. The processing units are implemented using powerful 32 bit processors, communicating over a CAN 2b network.

High efficiency MOSFET based power cards provide control for propeller axis. Each power card and associated processor are tuned for operation with the specific axis, increasing the efficiency of the motor used. The established framework and the benefits of the use of modern techniques for formal specification and formal verification of drone Actions and Tasks that coordinate the platform behaviour are part of HERTFORDSHIRE ENTERPRISES Controller philosophy.

Several verification tools have been developed and integrated into a robotic control station that is tailored to the needs of every specific application. In that way, a significant economy of resources can be obtained in the order of 25 %, increasing the autonomy of the platforms.

Telecoms for large range operation

In the context of past projects has been developed a tele-operation center using dedicated long range communications. By continuous low-level interaction with the remote drone system enables the operator a) to efficiently recover the A&R mission during anomaly and b) to remotely control from distances up to 40 km while receiving telemetry information.

In addition, a dynamic model and simulation package has been developed to support detailed dynamic simulation as well as a perception package including cameras calibration, images acquisition and integration in a 3D environment, registration and DEM automatic generation. The whole system has been integrated and has been used on robotic test bed.